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Duivels Bier

Time for some devilish pleasure

Take your time to enjoy this slightly fruity but strong beer, which was named after an exclamation made by an amazed pilgrim.

Duivels Bier is a top-fermented dark beer that has been brewed in Halle since 1883. Originally, it was a non lager beer drunk by the pilgrims in the city. One of those pilgrims showed a little too much enthusiasm and misjudged the strength of the beer.

“C'est une bière de diable!” ("That's the devil’s beer!") he exclaimed, clearly impressed by the strong beer he had just taken a big swig of. And so Duivels Bier was born.


Duivels Bier is slightly fruity and mildly sweet with distinct notes of chocolate, coffee and caramel.

Serve at 8°C in a Duivels Bier glass.
8% ABV
Bottles: 33 cl

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