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Faro Boon

Faro, a sweet and sour thirst-quencher

The Boon Brewery's distinctive Faro beer is based on strong and old Lambic beers and continues a special regional tradition. Candy sugar gives it a light brown colour and a some sweetness.

Faro Boon is a spontaneously fermented beer resulting from a blend of old Lambic and Meerts Beer, a light version of lambic beer freshly brewed according to the Lambic production methods. Its light brown colour and sweet and sour taste are achieved by making a blend of young lambic with candy sugar and a small amount of older sharp-sour lambic.

Faro is a traditional Lambic beer, which – like most Lambics – was very popular in Belgium in the early 20th century. Traditional Faro was low in alcohol, sweet because of the candy sugar and very easy to drink. It was considered an every-day beer.

If we compare Faro Boon to the more conventional Faro variety, we see that Faro Boon is actually a ‘double Faro’, as it contains stronger Lambic as well as older, 3-year-old Lambic. It has even more character and a 5% alcohol content.


Faro Boon is characterised by a full mouth feel and a strong young Lambic character underpinning its typical sweet and sour taste.

Store in a dark place at cellar temperature.
Serve at 6°C in a Gueuze or tulip glass.
5% ABV
Bottles: 25 cl

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